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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

No. 5 - Pocket Watches

Courtesy of my friend Susanne in Germany I got this super card of pocket watches.  Like me, Susanne loves pocket watches. I think they are so stylish and Susanne reckons men in suits look adorable!    After years of wearing a suit day in day out, I never seem to wear a suit nowadays  though sports jackets and open neck shirts are more my thing nowadays.  I've never owned a pocket watch.  I find wearing a waistcoat too hot so I wouldn't be able to show one off to its best advantage..


  1. I like this postcard and also pocket watches. My husband got one of those as wedding present. Unluckily, it doesn't work any more :(

  2. Such a great photo because of the thoughts that pop into my mind. Pocket watches in shop windows look charming, but a wrist watch is easier to use. I wonder of the modern pocket watches have batteries.
    Yesterday I saw a man wearing a suit. It is not usually done around here, unless he is going to the races or a very special event. The man yesterday had come from another country and looked uncomfortable, even though he was in a fine airconditioned building.He could have removed his jacket and tie to appear more like his audience, but personal taste demanded he stick with his plan.


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