I have decided to collect postcards and mail art of CLOCKS during 2015. They can be clocks in any form - I bet there is a clock postcard in your collection of cards to send. So any will be gratefully received and will be posted on this blog. If you haven't corresponded with me before please feel free to e-mail scriptorsenex at gmail dot com to ask for my address. All cards and mail art received will generate a card from me to you so if we are not regular correspondents please put your address on the card. Thank You! John Edwards

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

No 23 - In a Hungarian Market

Ania from Hungary sent me this for the clock collection.  I love it - it reminds me of the humorous (but no longer politically correct)  cards that used to be on sale in seaside towns when I was young.


  1. Is everyone looking for clocks? ;)

    1. Eva...I saw the clock. Melons? What melons? Lol! ;)

    2. I meant looking for postcards with clocks.

  2. Laughing hard here! I'm slow even on my best day.

    Fruit is in the eye of the beholder. You couldn't pay me to have melons. They're heavy.


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